Heaven is past the clouds, past the birds and airplanes, past the sky and even past the sun.

Yesterday’s church service was amazing. Very unique. It started out with our pastor welcoming us and then he immediately went right into his 20-minute sermon. He did this because it was a packed service. It was baptismal service where my friend (and ex-coworker) and her hubby got baptized (see pictures and their testimony here). There were only a handful of people that were scheduled to be baptized, but Pastor Rod opened it up to whoever felt led during the service and there were probably 15 people before all was said and done. And that was just the second service. I guess the same thing happened during the first service as well. We did a small praise/worship before there was a ‘surprise’ wedding (I had already heard about it through the grapevine). What an exciting Sunday. And then to top it off, it was the church’s 3 year anniversary, so there was a cookout afterward in the parking lot. Needless to say, the service itself went long and Sundays are already hard on the kids, so we did not stay for the cookout (plus, I forgot about it). But really, it was one of those Sundays where, if it weren’t for the kiddos, it could have lasted another couple hours and I don’t think anyone would have cared – well, as long as potty breaks were given.

On the topic of church, Andrew has been asking a lot of questions about Jesus and God and Heaven and prayer lately. It is actually quiet challenging explaining things to a three year old. He’s asks where Heaven is and how we get there and when we get to go and how do we get saved. He also asked if Jesus’ and God’s mommy would be in Heaven, too. And he wanted to know if his friend Camden would go to Heaven with him, and when daddy told him that he certainly hopes so, Andrew wanted to leave for Heaven right then.

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