I do take pictures of Andrew, too.

We took the whole gang – all eight of us to Chili’s tonight for Fajita/’Rita night. And it really went well. Service wasn’t great – but the food was and the kids did great and ate everything in site. Literally – you would have thought we didn’t feed them at all that day. We then went to the mall to let the kiddos run in the play area and watch the indoor skating park. They loved it!
Tonight I am supposed to be paying bills, but I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. So I will post some random pictures instead and pay bills tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow – I have a play date with some ladies (and their children) from my Bible Study. I am very excited and I really haven’t seen them much since the study ended in early spring. We are all starting a new Beth Moore study this fall… and I can hardly wait!

AJ decided to just kick back on the diaper bags with his little Buddha belly sticking out.

AJ finally warming up to Papa after 13 months – or just too tired to care.

AJ hitching a ride during those few days of ear aches (I threw this one in just for Jill and Jen!)
o!H! And Friday night, Becky and I are getting all dolled up and heading downtown to watch Riverdance! We might even spend the night in town. F.A.N.C.Y. I’m going to have to act all ladylike and whatnot.
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