I hear music…

Today Andrew had his 3 year check-up. This is really the first check-up where he is totally aware and in tune with what’s going on. I wasn’t sure how it would go, so for the past couple days we’ve been practicing. I look in his eyes, ears, mouth, listen to his heart, tap his knees, etc… And for the appointment – he did so so good. I was so proud of him! He held still and answered all the doctor’s questions. He even got to pee in a cup (which was very exciting – although I had to explain to him that even though it was going into a cup, it was not for drinking. I can hear you now, “Ewwwweee!”) and that was the first thing he told Camden when he got home.

His doctor was great and letting him take turns using her equipment. She would look in his ears, then he got to look in my ears. Same with mouth and the little hammer that’s checks reflexes. And after she listened to his heart and back, she let him listen to his heart. He got real quiet and listened. Finally, she asked him what he was hearing and he responded, “I hear music!”. He even got to put on special 3D glasses and see a colorful butterfly!

So his stats are: Weight – 40.6 lbs, Height – 41.25 inches, BMI = 17, Blood Pressure = 100/40.

He is the average height and weight of a 5 year old. Yes – a five-year-old! Off the 3 year old charts. She does, however, think he has Fifth Disease. It sounds much worse than it is. It’s pretty minor – but he gets real red when he gets warm. I even took some pictures (that really don’t do it justice) because I was a tad concerned about it.

Other than that, his speech is great, he drinks a little too much milk (which we already limit – he could seriously drink a gallon a day if I let him), and the doctor said and was over all very healthy.

AJ on the other hand, has still been a wreck! Like screaming at night for hours. So, to save a co-pay, I took him in also. Today is day 10 of his antibiotics and he’s not really better. So she checked his ears and sure enough, his ear infection is still going strong. So, now he is on something stronger and we are praying (please pray also) that this will help, because we all (all 8 of us) are lacking sleep from that darn left ear.

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