Here a tap, there a tap, everywhere a tap-tap

Last night was incredible. Becky and I left the kiddos with the hubby’s, got all dressed up and hit the town. We started out with dinner at Benthams. My meal was amazing. Normally, I wouldn’t bore with the details of my dish – but I am still thinking about it this morning. It was spinach stuffed artichoke ravioli (or artichoke stuffed spinach ravioli – I’m not sure – it was all green) with asparagus, some fancy olives, feta and grilled shrimp with a roast red pepper tomato sauce. Oh My Goodness! I want to go back again today.We then walked the sky walk around the city for a bit to kill time.. which also killed my feet. I have these kickinstrappy heels that I love and have worn several times before. But for some reason – they tore my feet apart last night. We are talking 4 band-aids on my feet just so they wouldn’t rub against my sheets last night. Blisters with a Big B!

Anyway – we worked our way to the performance hall to watch Riverdance!! Becky was already super familiar with the show and could have literally been a spokeswomen for them. I, on the other hand, was vaguely familiar and just excited to get out for the night.

Wowsers – the show won my over. It is really amazing. We had good seats and were mesmerized for over 2 hours. Great show! After the show – Becky and I walked a bit downtown, got some coffee and sat sipping watching people from the lounge of the Amway Grand before heading home. It was a really fun night.
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