We’ve been busy – with what… I’m not sure. Saturday, the guys were gone all day for golf outing for Marc’s company. So, I really don’t remember what we did – probably a little playing outside, walking, we hit the playground, fed kids, etc… Sorry, it truly feels like a blur. Sunday & Monday was more of the same – except for church Sunday morning.

Last night, the daddy’s took the big boys out to the lake for a boat ride. They did a little fishing and Andrew caught his first fish. They even ‘parked’ in shallow water and got to swim for a bit. And they both learned the phrase, “FISH ON!” Then to top it off, two hot air balloons swooped down low over the lake while they were out. The boys were still talking about it all day today. Of course, Marc is itching to get out and buy the kid his first fishing pole. And since the big boys and the daddy’s got to have fun… We took the little ones for a walk to Cone City for ice cream!

Today, we got up and got ready and headed out at 11am. (took us that long to get out) We hit Target quick before heading to the airport for lunch. PB&J’s, prop planes and tan lines. Good afternoon. The kids loved it. However, we didn’t get back and down for naps until 2:30. And Andrew, who hadn’t napped the last two days but was up late last night because of the boat trip, crashed hard. After dinner, we played outside a bit more before bedtime. Really – eat, play, nap/sleep… That’s all we are up to. We do mix it up a bit here and there by throwing in trips to the library or Sam’s or playdates with some friends, etc… Since, my posts are so boring – here are more pictures.

Becky set up CJ’s play tent out in the backyard. Andrew LOVES having CJ’s around. These kids will have serious withdrawal issues once they find a house.

AJ pressing his face against the window. Can you see all five teeth?

Cutie Pie Riley – the poor lone girl.

Daddy was mowing on the other side of the fence.

After AJ’s and Riley’s ice cream date last night – a tub with bubbles was definitely needed.

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