When an ice cream shop is too close to home…

What have we’ve been up to? We had a nice Father’s Day on Sunday. All eight of us went to church and I made a nice egg strata for lunch – however once we got home from a late service, the kids were shot and there was no way we could wait the hour for it to cook before feeding them and putting them to bed. So we grabbed leftovers and napped. The daddies then spent their Father’s Day afternoon fishing and we ate the brunch for dinner without them.

Monday, we took the car in and got a huge answer to prayer. We were having car problems and we were quoted $300-$1000. The damage came to only $160! Only about half of the minimum quoted! And, Lord willing, we will be able to go to the U.P. next week since our car is in good working order.

Without a car for a couple days, we pretty much just hung out at home. Took walks, visited Cone City, swam in the kiddy pool, etc… Tuesday night – the daddies took the big boys fishing again. And now Andrew has is very own Tigger fishing pole – and caught TWO fish on it. CJ also caught fish as well. I wish you could have seen the faces of all four of them when they got home (after yet another visit to Cone City) – they were beaming! The kids were so proud of themselves and the daddies were so proud of their boys. Andrew, who doesn’t stop talking on any given day, was talking 100 miles an hour (I’m sure the sprinkle covered ice cream didn’t hurt).

This morning, library laptime started up again with Miss Hennie. Andrew is an old pro at the action rhymes now, but enjoyed showing CJ & Riley the ropes. Afterward, the kiddos played with the train table and computer for while before we came home for lunch/naps (which of all four children, only AJ actually slept, and even that was short). We spent the rest of the afternoon outside in the water.

Andrew, as usual, will jump right in the water with no hesitations.

AJ – examining the school bus and showing off his all-too-familiar scowl.
(Again – where did that blond hair come from??)

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