Zoo-pity Doo Da

With a spur of the moment decision this morning, Becky and I decided to take the kids to the zoo. Of course, from the time the decision was made and the time we left for the zoo, was a good hour and a half despite shooting to leave only 20 minutes later. We had to get the kids ready, pack lunches, etc… But that seems to be par for the course around here.

So – we left for the zoo at 11:30am and got to the zoo 45 minutes later even though the zoo is only 15 minutes away. It is located next to a park that was having a large (like thousands of people) event. So traffic was horrible and we had to park aways away. But the zoo itself wasn’t too busy. And it was a beautiful day to go – sunny, but not too hot.

The big boys got to ride on a camel. You should hear the boys mimic how the camels sounded. (I’m thankful those Wamel Faddles didn’t get loose – or they’d be gone like a goose)
Of course – there was a petting zoo with baby pygmy goats that the kiddo’s loved.

Because we got out so late and then it took longer to go through the zoo that we thought it would, we didn’t leave until 5pm. That’s all day with no naps. AJ made it until about 15 minutes before we left and he crashed in my sling. He didn’t even flinch when I moved him to the car seat. Andrew made it about 7 minutes in the car before he zonked.

Only when I took this picture – toward the end of the day… did I realize that it looked strangely familiar

This picture was taken back in September the last time we went to the zoo – wearing the same shirt.

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