Happy 15 months, kid!

Your First Shiner! (after a run-in with the toy box)

And the pictures don’t seem to do it justice…
This past month you’ve really been changing. You seem to be making that transformation from baby to little boy just within the last couple weeks. You starting talking quite a bit also. You’ve almost got the local gibberish dialect down, complete with inflection, pauses, and punctuation. You’re favorite ‘word’ is “doobah“. You’ve become a master at climbing up and down stairs. In fact, you love climbing anything and everything you can and sport a look of overwhelming pride after you scaled your latest feat.

You have absolutely no problem letting us know what you what or don’t want. You still love to snuggle. You are trying to learn to jump and the results are a little spasmic jolt that is totally charming. You adore your big brother (and he loves you). You are finally coming to accept these other people who are living in your house and breathing your air and are becoming a happier little guy because of it. You could live off bananas, yogurt and peanut butter and be completely satisfied. Occasionally you’ll eat cheese to humor us and throw us off kilter. You are a sippy cup thief.

You are growing so fast.

Here are your stats.
Height: 31.25 inches (50th %) Same as usual
Weight: 22lbs 12oz (25th %) Huge jump from the 7th % 3 months ago
You had to get two pokes today also. Your doctor was a tad concerned about your lack of words so far, but your brother talked late (and hasn’t stopped since)… so we all decided to wait another 6 months before we let it bother us.
Overall , Adam Jay, you are a healthy little boy and cute as can be… black eye and all.
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