TGI Freedom! (with working slideshow and journaling)

We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Dykstra while they were up over the holiday weekend.

We got them up early on the Fourth of July to hit the parade. It was a pretty good one, with lots of firetrucks and sirens, etc…

That night, we let the kiddos stay up late. We hit the local carnival and fireworks. The kids loved the pony rides and games and all of them (even AJ) were captivated by the fireworks. Ryan practiced “Ooh-ing and Ahhing” with the kiddos beforehand. However, Andrew didn’t quiet catch on and just kept saying a quick “Ooh-Ahh” over and over so he sounded like monkey.

Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa took the boys for a long walk, to the playground and to McDonald’s for lunch so I could get some things done around the house. After naps, we all went to G&G’s hotel to swim in the pool and eat pizza. My boys are fearless in the water.

Friday, we all went down to Uncle Art’s cabin and hung out with them for the day. It was a really nice visit and we took a pontoon ride on the river. G&G headed back to Iowa that evening and we spent the night. Andrew was sick that night, but seemed fine the morning. We took another boat ride and then went out for brunch before heading home. It was a really nice weekend.

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