He’s making sure our flex medical account is not wasted.

Well, our little man seems to have the perfect storm once again. This weekend we headed to Ohio where on Saturday, he started showing signs of a cold and even though he did ok, he was just was grumpier than usual and not quiet himself.

Then Monday comes and I notice he has a top molar tooth coming through and he’s running a pretty good fever and again, just cranky as can be. Great – teething on top of cold.

Wednesday comes, and now it’s been 5 days of a little man who does not want held, does not want to be put down, does not want to eat, does not want his skin touching him, etc… So back to the doctor we go… the fourth time in 6 weeks.

Sure enough, he’s got a double ear infection. (Which at least, we know something is wrong and hopefully will have our happy boy back soon). The doctor said he had a ‘pretty good’ infection in both ears, too, even though she told us that we did the right thing by waiting 48 hours from start of the fever. So we went straight to the strong meds since the regular ones didn’t work last time… a mere 6 weeks ago. And we go back for a Tympanogram in August.

Today he is still somewhat cranky, but already much much better with just three doses of the meds in him (beside his diet of infant Tylenol). But both Marc and I noticed he is clumsy today. Probably from his equilibrium being off. He might have been clumsy the past 4 days had he let us put him down to find out. So we praying that he will be completely healed and better real soon.
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