Grand Haven

Kristin and Josh are in the area and we are so happy to have them around! They are vacationing/camping this week at Uncle Art’s Cabin about an hour or so from us. So Marc’s been down there fishing a bit with Josh and getting them set up since Marc is VERY familiar with the place. And last night we and the Sischos took them to Grand Haven for dinner and ice cream. We walked the pier out the lighthouse and watched some of the Musical Fountain show at 10pm. Yes, it was a very late night for all the kiddos, but they did really well.

They slept in this morning and we barely made it to Library Laptime this morning. We ran much needed errands afterward for a while before lunch. Marc and I have been sharing a car for the last week or so, as we are trying to sell his car. But Marc’s birthday is coming up and since I had a car today, I had to take advantage of getting a little shopping done. This afternoon will just be working around the house and getting some things done because of the rest of the week is busy (not really any busier that any other day because I really feel that it’s crazy busy this whole summer). Tomorrow Kristin and Josh are coming up and Josh, Marc, Ryan and Al are going golfing, while us girls and kids hit the splash park, I think. Then Friday, I think we are spending a good portion of the day down at the cabin also. I’m not totally sure yet.

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