Zoo Days – Part I

This past Friday, while Kristin was still around, we packed up the kids a went to the Binder Park Zoo. It was pretty cool! Very natural and less ‘cage-y’ that most zoos. They ‘specialize’ in African safari type animals. I think the kids really enjoyed it. I know the adults did.
There was a huge difference in AJ between this trip the zoo and the trip to the Toledo Zoo (that I don’t even think I got around to posting about) that we took a few weeks ago. I think he enjoyed himself at the Toledo Zoo, but at this zoo, it’s like he had a whole new realization that there were actually live living animals that we were looking at. He would get so excited at each exhibit, once he located the animal, pointing and saying “dadadada!” (his excited word, not the same one he uses for his father).
Aunt Kristin and Andrew with a pretend elephant.
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