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As I mentioned in a previous post, my mom, aunt, cousin and myself made purses/bags this weekend. I would love to say that I made mine, but since we were making 3 of them, it turned into more of a production line process than each person making their own. And if I must be completely truthful, the hardest parts were left to the more experienced sew-er… my mother, while I did more pinning and trimming and turning, etc…

Above: My son modeling the bags at his mother’s request (sshh…don’t tell his dad).
Below: The inside of the brown striped bag – pretty pink pockets.

Regardless, I love how they turned out. My aunt and mom both have the giraffe bags (my aunt originally made hers and we all loved it) and my cousin and I have the brown and pink striped bags. And they have lots of pockets! Nice big pockets!! It’s almost more a messenger bag than a purse – which is exactly what I wanted. In fact, maybe now that I ‘made’ the first one with lots of help, I’ll experiment trying to make another one in a different print all by myself. I mean, you can’t have too many purses, right?!

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