Flying at 120 knots

Wow – I’ve done a bad job at keeping up with my blog lately. Things have been crazy – and they are not slowing down until the end of September… and even then, things slow down but far from stop. Let’s see if I can touch the bigger parts without boring the snot out of you.

Our house guests officially have their own house and last night was their first night in it. They still have quite a bit of their stuff at our place which is fine. I am excited for them. They really got a nice place at a good price. Andrew seems to be doing alright with CJ not being here. He still asks often where he is and tells us that he wants CJ and Riley from time to time.

However, we have started to watch my good friend’s 19mo old boy a couple days a week and I think this is helping Andrew not having CJ here. Noah is only three months older than AJ and another cute little blondie. He is a sweetie and a fairly easy child to care for. And since there have been four children here for the past summer, caring for three boys a couple days a week seems like a piece of cake. Plus Andrew still has someone to show off for. There is a little bit unsportsmanlike conduct between AJ and Noah on occasion, but for the most part they get along swimmingly.

Let’s see what else. We also snuck in hair cuts last night and I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow. This next couple weeks are filled up with more watching Noah, lots of doctor appts, meetings, field trips, trips to Ohio, etc… Plus we are thinking about about helping with the college and career this year at church, I’m on the MOPS steering committee this year and working on my stuff for that, etc… So we’ve been hopping. I am really looking forward to our trip to California, then to getting back into a routine with MOPS, library, Bible Study, etc…

So please please forgive me for not posting nearly as often as I would like. I am hoping to do much better real soon.

Here’s a picture of Noah – the cute little man we are watching…

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