How do you find me?

Here are some of the Google Searches that have led people to my blog in the last year…

  • yada Dykstra
  • diaper was already wet
  • behavior issues
  • got baptized blog
  • ear infection or teething + 5 year old
  • Isn’t it crusty
  • cough drop overdose (This one is quiet common)
  • laundry and dishes
  • don dykstra blog live
  • pms while pregnant (I’ve gotten this one several times also)
  • crawl in your nose at night

Of course, there are the normal searches too, such as Dykstra Blog, or Kelli Dykstra’s blog, etc… that lead people here. Those, I am assuming that those are people who are already familiar with the blog, but may have forgotten the address.

You can tell by most searches – generally – that this is a mom blog. Maybe I should mix it up and bit and try to attract new readers by including more words in my posts like:

  • Britney Spears
  • High School Musical
  • NFL Fantasy Football
  • Global Warming

….(won’t they be sorely disappointed)

Let the experiment begin…

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