One day at a time…I just keep telling myself that.

The boys seem to be feeling much better. Even Saturday, they were fine. It was like a 12 hour flu that hit ’em. Weird. But I am thankful, because we got to go to church this morning. I put a roast in the crock pot for lunch, but church ran late and by the time we got home it was near two already – so we grabbed McDonald’s on the way home and saved the roast until dinner. I mean… it can’t hurt it to keep cooking. The boys had no complaint what-so-ever. Oh, wait… Andrew did. Apparently, four chicken nuggets are not enough anymore.

They took naps, we worked a bit around the house, read the paper, catnapped, etc… Then Ryan came over to get the last of their things from our house and invited us over to dinner to see their new place now that they’ve moved in. So, the roast was put off once again until tomorrow. But Andrew got to play again with Camdyn and Riley, we had a great meal (Ryan makes amazing steaks – definitely a perk to them living with us), and we got to admire their super nice home.

This week is another busy one for us. I am watching Noah tomorrow, Wednesday (a.m. only) and Thursday. I have evening meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, two doctor appointments on Wednesday and get this… I am meeting my friend from high school (and her kiddos) on Friday for a field trip to the Meijer Gardens. Then Friday evening we are heading out of town for Labor Day weekend. So I need to pack sometime in there. Oh… and we are still sharing a car – so I need to do grocery shopping and errands sometime in the evening after Marc gets home with the car. Phew.

The following week is more of the same craziness – then…we… leave… for …

C A L I F O R N I A!!
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