Crentist the Dentist

Please tell me that someone ‘gets’ my title.

Andrew has his first visit to the dentist yesterday. I had my normal cleaning first and he watched. I should use the term ‘watched’ loosely, because they had a television on with cartoons for him. At least he was well behaved since I wouldn’t have been able to reprimand him while I mouth is propped open.
Then it was his turn. The original plan was to just have him ‘ride’ in the chair, maybe count his teeth, and give him a new toothbrush. More of an introductory visit. But the dental tech, Christie, was SO WONDERFUL! She said that she would just start slow and see how he does and if he’ll let her, she just keep going with a cleaning. He rode in the chair first (all while watching cartoons on TV). Then he got to put on a ‘bib’ and cool sunglasses so the light wasn’t in his eyes. He is still wearing the sunglasses around the house today. She then counted his teeth with just her green fingers. He did ok, so she ‘counted’ them again with instruments after first demonstrating the instrument on his finger. He was a little hesitant about it, but we talked him into trying one tooth first and after that – it went smooth.Then she cleaned his teeth with bubble gum toothpaste (after brushing his finger first). Bubblegum toothpaste seems like an oxymoron to me. He even got to have water squirted into his mouth and sucked out with a “straw”. Which I think he really like because we had to keep reminding him to open his mouth back up when done with the straw. He even let her floss his teeth (but he wanted to sit up for that).

The dentist came in, checked him out and gave us a big thumbs up. Andrew then got some bubblegum toothpaste to take home, along with a new toothbrush he got to pick out and little toy from the surprise bowl. He was practically giddy.

I only hope this excitement for the dentist lasts well into adulthood.

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