Ok – the time has come. I leave with the boys tomorrow morning and head to Ohio (I will be meeting Marc and the Sischo’s at the airport on Wednesday). The mom in me is having trouble getting past a few things to get truly excited about this trip. I shouldn’t, I know, but I am. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to California, but I don’t think the excitement will come until I am on the plane. So I ask you to pray.

  1. Protection: For us and the Sischo’s, the boys, & my parents. Protection from illness, injury, accidents and evil. For safety on our trip and for the boys and my parents during the week. That my parents wouldn’t so much as have to deal with a drippy nose.
  2. Boys: Sleep (everything will go better if they sleep well), obedience, and comfort while we’re gone.
  3. Parents: Sleep, extra energy, extra patience and ability to discipline the boys when necessary and not spoil them death. 🙂
  4. Us: That we and the Sischo’s would have like-mindedness with each other as couple’s and as spouses. Even though we all lived together for 3 months and remained friends, we want us all to ‘get along’ during this trip. Also, that there would be no major problems/hiccups on the trip with flights, hotels, rental car, etc…
  5. Me: Peace of Mind. A trip like this makes me think of all the necessary things that I never want to think about – like life insurance, what happens to our kids if something happens to us, medical release forms, etc… That I will leave it all in God’s hands along with my very capable parents and not worry about things. That I will be able to relax and enjoy this wonderful opportunity that we’ve been given to get away.

Thank you and I look forward to telling you all about our fabulous trip.

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