And we’re off… almost.

Thank you all for your encouraging words regarding our trip. We are here in Ohio, now. The boys are doing well and I leave tomorrow around noon to meet up with the rest of my party in Detroit.

Our trip down went well yesterday. We hit McDonalds for lunch (always a crowd pleaser) and then Cabelas for a breather. And you can bet we called daddy just to rub it in. The boys did quiet a few laps at top speed around their bear statue in the front to wear them out before we went in and did a quick lap through the place seeing who could find the elephant, lion, turkey, etc… first. They napped the rest of they way to my parent’s house and we made it in time for dinner. Bonus.

Today we just got papa used to watching the boys. He took a couple walks with them (they found little bity kitties that are so stinkin’ adorable and I am not really even a cat person). We hit Walmart to stock up on all the boys ‘go to’ foods – y’know the ones that you always fall back on once they took their one required bite of whatever “yucky” we made. And of course we had Kewpie for lunch – I LOVE KEWPIE! I miss Kewpie. Papa even changed a few diapers today.

Now the boys are in bed. I am braving the world’s slowing internet connection once again to get hotel information e-mailed out. Not sure when I will get a chance to update again. We’re off to Californ. I. A.

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