C is for Cookie

I think we are getting there. I officially put away the suitcases today, but the laundry is not caught up. But then again, is it ever? I still have a pile of non-junk, but not pressing mail to sort through and other odd and end little piles here and there.

This week has been good – it’s been nice to feel back in somewhat of a groove as opposed to the chaos that was our summer. We even started “school” back up. We are continuing the same lessons we started last year, but integrating the next level into it… a little math and science and sounds. So this week the theme is cookies, with the vocab being dough (good week). So our art project was making pretend cookies by gluing real chocolate chips on large circles. The shape of the week is circle, so of course today we had to make real circle cut-out cookies. The letter is I. So we drew big I’s and little i’s and then we read a book and found all the big I’s and little i’s. Of course, the book we chose used a font were the big I’s didn’t have any line crossing the top or the bottom of the stick, so a big I looked like a little l. This comes right after I taught Andrew to draw an I with a stick down and one across the top and one across the bottom. So I tell him that some people just make one stick down for a big I and he got all excited then and told me he found TWO I’s! in the word “all”. Augh. They did look exactly the same. No wonder people have a hard time learning to read. But he did great and we have a big blue I stuck on our door next the pretend chocolate chip cookies.

This morning I started my Beth Moore study, Believing God. Man, am I excited about it. It seems like it’s going to be another great one. Plus, Marc and I are helping with college/career group(starting tomorrow), and the ladies will be doing the same study. So I will be getting a double dose of the study. Yea!

Tomorrow and Thursday, Noah is here and w ewill just be up to working/playing around the house. Meanwhile, I will try to continue to wade through California pictures (I just haven’t found the time, yet).

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