New Game: "Thomas Tossing".

Do you remember this post about Andrew’s shoes? If not, go back and read it. Then I won’t have to rewrite the EXACT same post again except for AJ instead. But in case clicking the link is too much work – read on.

Yes, that is right. Last night when we all went to the mall to play, he had his shoes. When we came home, daddy took his shoes off. When we wanted to go for a walk today – his shoes were missing. Missing-missing. I looked e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! I even called Marc at work to see if they were in the car somehow or if he had any idea where they were. He ended up wearing his too small sandals overs his socks for the walk.

While making dinner tonight (after changing diapers, peeling potatoes, etc…), I decide the check the trash – the very gross, disgusting trash. See, AJ recently learned to throw things away – and the excited pride on his face each time he completed the dunk was coming to mind. Sure enough – at the very bottom of the garbage can were two little Thomas the Tank tennis shoes… covered in peels and peas. However, they cleaned up nicely and should ready once again for a walk tomorrow. Lovely.

They may not look alike… but they act alike.

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