God works in interesting ways

FACT: I watch Noah twice a week, but the days vary. I have Bible study once a week, every Tuesday. We have a car that we are sharing, a Taurus and that car will not fit 3 full car seats. The days that I actually have Noah for Bible study is rare since his mom only works every other Tuesday, so there is only two Tuesdays a month where I might actually watch him.

PROBLEM: Today I had Noah and Bible study.

SOLUTION: Well, God decided he was going to mess with His Taurus that’s in our possession. We just put $500 into it last Friday, and yet on Saturday the car would not budge out of park, and the cruise control was shot. We finally learned how to tweak the car so we could drive it. (Turn key slightly, put car in neutral, start car, put car in gear. ) So yesterday, Marc had to take it back in. Now fortunately, the shop called and its a fairly easy and inexpensive fix for both problems, however until they get it fixed and we pick it up later this afternoon what did they give us drive…?


Problem solved.

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