Man, another blooper.


Today, I dropped off my kid with my Dad. We met at Cabela’s in Dundee, MI and had a nice visit before sending my kids on their way with Papa. Before we left, dad and I stood by the cars and talked about how we both needed gas and we probably wouldn’t get it right there in Dundee, because the prices were little high. We would probably wait until we got a few exits away and get gas. I was especially excited because I was going to be able to go in the gas station and get coffee, something I hardly ever do because I usually have the children with me.

So, I get back in the car after this conversation about gas and get back on the road and drive a couple of exits and find a gas station and I get off the exit. I go in to the gas station, find my coffee, pay for my coffee, get back in my car and drive away. It wasn’t until I was 20 minutes from home that my gas light came on.


Fortunately, in spite of my dumb moment, God is good and he provided a gas station within probably 5 minutes, although I was sweating it a bit because when the gas light comes on I don’t know if that means I have 5 miles or 15 miles. All I was thinking of, was me having to call Marc and tell him to come and pick me up because his wife forgot to get gas while she was at the gas station.

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