Mama needs a new pair of jeans.

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog again. We’ve been busy. Good busy. As I mentioned below, I dropped the kids off with my Dad on Thursday. My family was having a fun fall weekend in OH and the kids totally had to be there. So we were kid-free this weekend. We had a nice date night. We had Mexican for dinner, and hit a movie (The Kingdom – really don’t recommend it), then came home and topped the night off with The Office.

Friday, I worked really hard. I had a lot to get done for the weekend and I’m not sure if I would have gotten it all done if I had had the kids. I made seven batches of cookies, oyster crackers, a crockpot of shredded chicken, etc… I packed everything for the weekend and worked around the house. That evening, I went to a baby shower with my roommate ladies. It was a really nice time and I got to see people I hadn’t seen in a while. Once it was over and cleaned up, those same roommate girls, headed up north to a cottage on Lake Michigan. The hubbies had already headed up earlier in the evening. So 5 families with kids (except ours) spent the weekend on the water. Not bad, if you ask me. Although since everyone else had their kids, there were definitely times when Marc and I felt a little lost without ours. Anyway, we got home from the cottage Sunday afternoon where I rested a bit before driving to Jackson to meet my parents and pick up the boys.

And from what I heard, the kids really did have a wonderful weekend. They were run hard. They hit a pumpkin patch with slides and corn mazes and the whole nine yards. They carved pumpkins, made caramel apples, trick or treated, watched movies, etc…

Man, they slept well on Monday… which was great for me because I had a lot to do after the busy weekend. In fact, the Sischos needed to unexpectedly drop off their kids for the day and that even worked out better. All the kids played and I didn’t feel bad neglecting them not giving them my full attention while I got things done. Then Monday evening, we all met some other friends for dinner to celebrated finding out the sex of their unborn miracle. Afterward, we all headed to the mall to let the boys run out some energy and I bought some new jeans. (Side note: I rip the knees out of every pair of jeans I own way before I wear out the rest of the pants. So – once again, I needed a new pair.)

That brings us to today. We had Bible Study this morning, which I am so thankful for. We did lunch and naps and clean-up before picking up pizza and heading to some other friend’s house for dinner and haircuts. I will have to post pictures tomorrow. The boys already look so adorable after a haircut. So cute and fresh.

Tomorrow and Thursday we have Noah and tomorrow night we have our Young Adult Bible study. There’s more to our week, but I am boring myself writing about it, so I must be sucking the life out of anyone who actually read this far. Sorry about that. I really meant to just jump on here and give a quick apology for not writing and then went into all the lame excuses why I haven’t.

Ok – hopefully my next post will be cute or thoughtful or something much more interesting. Maybe.

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