He needs to know the important things…

Tonight I got my haircut and since it is as at Andrew’s friend’s house, I brought him along.

On the way home, somehow we got on the topic of how Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. After telling the Christmas story, Andrew kept asking “What’s Next”. So we continued on through Jesus’ life and Andrew would continue to ask “What’s Next” after each little story.

Finally, I get to the feeding of the 5,000. I do it up big time, I use voices and personalize the story the best I can. I really try to get into it so that Andrew really understand what a true miracle is was. I stress the 3 loaves of bread and 2 fishes (or is it 2 loaves and 3 fishes? I’ll have to look it up) and how Jesus prayed over it, just like we prayed before we eat. And how the more Jesus passed out the bread and fish the more there was. And the 12 leftover baskets, etc… Anyway, in my most exciting voice, I wrap up the story and say something to the effect of “How Cool is that!?”

Andrew calmly responds, “Did the bread have crust on it? I don’t like crust”.

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