Sweet Deal

Remember back when Andrew was the bread winner of the family? Well, after forever of not hearing from that company – they called this week. Get this… today I picked up a packet of insulated straw cups for us to try out. There are three brand named cups (ranging from $4 to $7 each) that we have to test over the course of the next 2 weeks. We then take a survey for each cup to let them know what we think. For all of this ‘hard work’, we will be receiving $20 in Meijer money AND we get to keep the cups! How cool is that!

Side note: I really wished I could have taken avantage of this company with AJ the way we did with Andrew, but alas, we can’t take other children with us, so it just doesn’t work out. But, if I think about it, even if I could take AJ, we don’t get calls for him nearly as often as we did with Andrew. I truly believe God put that company in our lives during a time when we had no income to help make ends meet, since 10 mo. old Andrew truly was the bread winner for a time. There were weeks he was getting called 3 times a week and pulling in $60 in grocery money. God is good.
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