We tried.

Well, we tried a first tonight. Marc was gone for the day and the movie Ratatouille was at the cheap theater in town. So I was thinking that the boys might like to see it. I mean, AJ gets in free, so even if it doesn’t work, we aren’t out much.

Well, it’s a good thing, because it was a bust. I talked it up a bunch before we got there and Andrew seemed to get excited about it. However, as soon as we walked into the building, not the theater itself, just the building to buy tickets, Andrew started telling me he didn’t want to go in. He really was dragging his feet and I practically had to force him to come into the theater with me telling him he will like it once he gets there. We get in nice and early, and left about 5 seats between where we were sitting and wall for ‘wiggle room”. But the place fills up. I was hoping for a few seats to move around in, but there wasn’t even room for AJ to have his own seat (I would have probably had him on my lap, regardless). We had people directly next to us on both sides.

First of all, even though the movie was rated G, the previews weren’t. They showed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Bratz, Transformers, etc… During Harry Potter, I was literally holding Andrew’s head so that he would look me and was trying to get him to recall the Jonah story we just learned today.

Anyway, the movie started and so far, so good. Andrew and AJ seemed pretty transfixed for the first 30 minutes. However, the second half hour was a struggle. AJ started to get squirmy – not too bad, just a bit. But Andrew, started asking to leave. I tried to pacify both of them with a dum-dum sucker. Then another one. Then peanut butter crackers. These worked, but only temporarily. Andrew’s requests to leave became louder and closer to each other.

So after only a hour into the movie, we left. We hit the restroom to clean up from the suckers. I then tried to talk Andrew into trying the movie again, since we got a little break… but no dice. The mall was right beside the theater, so we walked over there and the boys played a bit in their play area before we headed home for the night.

I am proud of how they behaved. Both boys were obedient and well mannered. They just didn’t want to be there and let me know. Ah, maybe, next year we can try a ‘real’ movie again. Until, then, I am going to have to rent Ratatouille, because, well, I want to see how it ends!

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