I can see it’s all about me.

I know it’s been a while. And I can’t even say we’ve been too busy. Plenty busy, but not too busy. The biggest thing has been Marc has been under the weather. He is feeling a little better now, but for the last week, if he wasn’t forcing himself through work, he was miserable on the couch. Which is sad for him, but (here is where I turn his misery into being all-about-me… watch my human, selfish nature in action) it meant that I was pretty much single mom for the week. So, I like I said, it was busy. Then, of course, I got my book from the library. So I have been stealing away minutes at a time just to find out what happens next.

We still made it to Bible Study Wednesday night. Thursday night, I had a friend/ex-coworker, who I hadn’t seen in forever, over for dinner. She has a little girl about Andrew’s age, so they had a ball rediscovering every single toy in the house. And on Friday night, Marc, in his feeble state, even took the kids to Burger King for dinner and put them down, so I could have a girl’s night out.

Saturday late morning, my parents showed up for the weekend. The kids got all the attention they could have wanted and we got spoiled because Andrew would wake them up first in the morning. We had a nice time, albeit lazy. Other than making a few apple pies and meals, and hitting church on Sunday, we didn’t do too much.

This morning, we had Noah and my folks left around noon. We even got outside a bit today for a walk and some playtime. I need to run and finish my Bibly Study for tomorrow morning.

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