Scrabble on crack.

Last night, after Bible Study, I was introduced to Speed Scrabble. There are few of the “young adult” ladies that love this game. One so much, that the girl even carries the Scrabble tiles around in her purse for impromptu games. And such was last night. After Bible Study a few of girls needed a place to kill time (since their house was currently holding a different Bible Study) and they wanted to play. So I offered for them to come over to our house if they would teach me. So five of us played Speed Scrabble and sipped hot chocolate downstairs in the toy room until midnight last night. We even tried to have themed rounds, such as holiday words or Titanic words. Which truthfully, at 11:30p, brains were making huge leaps connecting words to the Titanic. It was interesting…much better than the real thing.

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