Ok, so I am now a BzzAgent. Which is a word of mouth company. I don’t get paid, but I get to try products for free and tell people what I think. I do not sell the products at all. Anyway, I just started this and they sent me the Phillips Sonicare Sanitizer for free ($50). I am just supposed to try it out, tell people what I honestly think and report back. The better I report back and more campaigns (free stuff) I get to try.

Anyway, so I got this thing in the mail a few days ago and just got around the setting it up last night. And I guess my initial thoughts on it would be that if it really does what it says it does, then great. But, how do I know it’s doing that it says it’s doing? It is supposed to sanitize our toothbrush heads. And, at this point, I have no reason, I guess, to believe that it isn’t doing just that. What do you think? I guess the sanitation level of my toothbrush was never a real concern of mine before. I guess there is all kinds of grodiness that can live there – next to the toilet and trash can… I just never bothered with bothering myself with it before. What’s your take? Is a free standing product that takes up space (minimal space) on your bathroom counter worth it, if your toothbrush is sanitized.

Ok, I guess that is not to much of an opinion on the product, just thoughts, per se. I’ve only used it the one time – so maybe I’ll form a stronger opinion of it later. By the way, if anyone is really interested in the Sanitizer, let me know in the comments. They did send me some pretty good coupons I can pass along.
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