My day today…

I was planning on running errands today, Noah ended up coming over, which is fine. His poor pregnant mama was contracting at a mere 26 weeks. So we stayed home, played, danced to the veggie dance song from Sesame Street a dozen or so times, and I made Christmas cookies. And with three little ones under foot, it took me all day to make them. Andrew helped me decorate them.Man, cutout cookies are time consuming. At one point, Andrew was with me and the little boys were just a little too quiet for comfort. So I tracked them down, only to find them up in the boy’s room quietly sitting reading books.

Then, Marc came down stairs after coming home from work and announced that tonight is “Family Fun Night”, but he wouldn’t tell us what. So we got the boys ready and left as soon as Noah was picked up. He ended up telling me we were just heading to the mall to let the boys play, but first he needed to stop by the Sischo’s to drop off something. (I started to get a little suspicious here). And sure enough… the Sischo’s and Marc had planned a little impromptu surprise party for me. I turn the big 30 on Saturday.

They even ordered me a special pepperoni and pineapple pizza – my favorite!

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