We did what?!

What do you do when it’s the middle of December and the temperature is only in the 30’s?
Go to the zoo, of course!
I had Noah today and wasn’t sure if it was going to work out since today wasn’t nearly as nice as yesterday. However, I have Noah again tomorrow and tomorrow looks worse than today, so I thought, if I am going to do, let’s just do it.
So, I packed up a lunch, the three bundled kids in the ‘jeep’ and we headed out. And I have to say it was really great. Cold, yes. But….
  • Our zoo is not a really great zoo. On a nice hot summer day when all the exhibits are out, you could easily ‘do the zoo’ in three hours. But in the middle of winter, there is really only about half of the things to see. However, that half seemed to be much more active (except the hibernating bears) than during the hot summer days.
  • We literally had the place to ourselves. We only saw two other classes the whole time. Most of the time, us four were the only people we could see, so the boys could run around (ie: go nuts!) and keep warm vs. merely riding in the stroller.
  • There were enough inside, “warm” exhibits such as the aquarium, the rain forest, monkey house, etc… that we were only in the cold for about 15-20 minutes at a time. We even found a little niche inside one of those warm places to eat some lunch.
  • Best of all – it was free. No admission is charged in December & January. So it’s no big deal that we only stayed for two hours.

Of course, I had to feed them suckers on the way home to keep them awake for their late naps. Which was just icing the on the cake for them. I have to admit, when I left this morning, I was seriously questioning my sanity in attempting to take three young boys to the zoo in the cold weather…. but now… we just may head back next month.
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