Tastes like chicken.

Wow – I know it again been awhile since I had a post with any substance. Ah well. That’s the way it goes… I’ll try to hit the highlights.

This past weekend, we were sick. Whatever Andrew had last week, hit Marc and myself. Much more Marc than me, as it is Friday and he is still not well. I have been feeling fine for a couple days now. So we didn’t make it church on Sunday.

On Monday, we did major grocery shopping and I made a roasted chicken. I am so proud of this that I am posting about it. I bought a whole chicken and roasted it, just like you would a turkey. And it was good! I have tried this a couple times in the past and it’s bombed, so this success was exciting. However, Marc was still too sick to eat it.

On Tuesday we had Bible Study in the morning and haircuts in the evening. On Wednesday, we hit a different local library for their story time and were pleasantly impressed. I think that will be our new Wednesday morning ‘thing’. Next Wednesday’s theme is Bob the Builder. My boys will be thrilled! Even AJ tries to sing the Bob theme song. Wednesday evening, I had our college and career Bible Study (Marc stayed home with the kids since he still wasn’t feeling well.)

Thursday we ran a few errands (one was to a thrift store where I bought the boys tambourines – you can officially question my sanity now), worked around the house, and packed up. And today, I drove the boys down to Ohio to spend the weekend at my parents. Marc had a men’s retreat this weekend through church (pray for him, he is still not feeling well). So we will be heading back up on Monday.

Tomorrow, we are going to attempt to get the boy’s pictures taken at Wal-Mart. I’ve never had them officially taken since AJ arrived and well, with Mom; I’ll have an extra set of hands. I figure it’s not that expensive, so if it doesn’t work – oh well. Here’s hoping for adorable faces and cheesy smiles.

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