Busy Day

It started out early with Noah coming over bright and early. It was a really late night last night with the last of the college/career leaving at almost midnight. So, I was dragging a bit. We eventually got going, got all three boys fed and dressed, and they got to watch SuperWhy (our new favorite TV show). Then we headed out. I stopped and got a coffee and we ran a quick errand before hitting the library for play time. At noon, we left and hit the pharmacy, then picked up an el cheapo pizza to take to Noah’s house.

We had lunch and visited with my friend Kari and their new baby and came home for nap time… including me. Granted, I only got about 20 minutes and Andrew didn’t sleep at all, but the rest was needed. As soon as AJ woke up, we hit Aldi’s and Meijer and then dropped off a few groceries at another friend’s home who also just had a new baby. We made it home to eat rotisserie chicken and potato wedges (cheater dinner from the deli). Phew…

I still have a boatload of groceries to put away and dinner to clean up. Plus, I have one stinky little boy running around here. So I should be off…

Oh, by the way… the last of the March babies were born today.

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