Notes from a hotel…

First of all – Praise God. I went down to the front desk this morning to ask for a late check-out. I explained our situation and asked for as late as they could offer. They said 1pm, (which is really 2pm our time). Not too bad if I put AJ down for an early nap. It’s now 12:45pm and I went down to get a luggage cart to load up the car. The elevators weren’t working. I explained that I was trying to load up to check out and could they call my room when it was up and working. (Loading up 5 days worth of luggage with two boys from the third floor using only stairs was not appealing to me). They just called. The elevators are not fixed yet, but we can stay in our room until Marc returns at 4:30pm. Woo Hoo! We will still probably head out a bit when AJ wakes up… but God is good!

On a side note: I have almost lost my voice. I went back and looked on my blog and it’s almost always after our trip to IA. So I don’t know if it’s the long trip with the dry car air or what. I feel fine… just quiet. Which is great for trying to get two boys attention. Well, I’m off to warm up leftoever pizza for our lunch.

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