No time for housework…

Wow – it’s been a while since I posted! I am trying to think of what we have been doing? Well, last week, I had Bible Study, I was finishing up a transcription job (which I am not longer doing after much consideration) and getting the house ready for my parents to come up on Wednesday. On Thursday, we sent Marc and my Dad off for a week long fishing trip in Minnesota visiting Marc’s brother and sister and their families.

So Mom has been here with us and we’ve been keeping busy. On Friday, we headed down to Binder Park Zoo and met up with my Aunt and Cousin and kiddos. The boys and us grown-ups, too, had a blast! I’ll post pictures soon. We even got to feed giraffes!

Saturday, we took a walk/bike ride in the morning, then hit a birthday party in the park in the afternoon, then hit the Festival downtown late afternoon before coming home and practically crashing in the evening. We were beat. Several storms came through this weekend as well and my boys are at an age where they are bothered by thunder, so Saturday night was a late night riding the storms out.

We ended up not making church on Sunday. We were just exhausted and the kids actually slept in for once. Bad excuse, I know.

Yesterday, we hit the library and the grocery store in the morning before coming home for lunch and naps. We went out for dinner at Logan and ended up at the mall where I finally got a pair of jeans that fit and have no holes in them!!

This morning, we had our finally Bible Study meeting completing Beth Moore’s Psalms of Ascent. Of course, we had to finish with a potluck and then we all swam a bit in our hostess’ pool. The kiddos (especially AJ) was super cranky, so we didn’t swim long, but still didn’t get home for naps until around 2:30pm. Now Mom and the boys are napping. We might hit the Gardens this evening a bit. The weather is so nice and the “Great Lakes” are open… It could be hard to resist it.

The guys are planning on coming home late-late tonight. It will be nice to see them. I miss my Marc and I know the boys are, too.

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