Wet & Smoldering

Well, today proved to be mostly uneventful. Andrew is sick. Unfortunately, we were supposed to hang out with friends and instead we hung out on the couch all day and watched way too much TV. I’m not really sure what the problem is. He has a fever. With this kid, it doesn’t matter if he has a double ear infection or just a runny nose, his body reacts with a high fever. So my kid who usually goes a mile a minute was just laying around today, cold. And he only wanted to snuggle on the couch. (Which I confess is kind of nice – except that while he’s cold and under covers, I’m sweating from the 40+ pound heater on my lap.)

However, this evening, since the families couldn’t get together, my friend and I still went out. Marc said he had the boys covered, so I got to go out for Mexican. I stopped by the store on the way home to buy fixings in an attempt to make an ice cream cake for Father’s Day. I hit a wet spot on the floor and fell hard on my knee while practically in the splits. I think if I wouldn’t have been so instantly embarassed and angry, I would have just rolled over and cried… it really hurt! And I was wearing my new jeans. While I am limping through the store, I was thinking, “Man, if I have a hole my jeans, somebody is going to hear about it.” What ugly emotions can quickly arise?

However, on the way home, I saw the most beautiful sunset that I might have ever seen. I am convince it was painted just for me. God is good, even while limping through the store with wet pants or smoldering under a sick child.

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