Maybe their’s was just a ‘special’ truck.

For a couple years now, ever since Andrew was old enough to peek over the windowsill, we always get excited when the music truck slowly rolls by. It’s right up there with the garbage truck and the mail truck. Really anything with wheels catches the boys attention, but the music truck is extra cool, because, well, it plays music and drives real slow. They run from wherever they are playing, yelling, “Music Truck! Music Truck!” as they bolt to the window.

The other day, we are at our friend’s house. All the kids are playing outside, when we hear their neighborhood music truck in the distance. The dad announces, “It’s the ice cream truck! Who wants ice cream?!” He then proceeds to treat all the kids, including mine, to ice cream from the side of the colorful van. While, I was thankful for his generosity, I kept thinking, “Uugh – now they know.” The gig is up.

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