Bad News – Good News

  • The Bad News is our laptop is dead. Dead-dead.
  • The Good News is we will get a new laptop thanks to the warranty we bought.
  • The Bad News is everything on there is lost.
  • The Good News is I was able to back up quite a bit of stuff the last few days when the it would actually boot up for a few minutes before crashing.
  • The Bad News is we still lost more than I would like to think about.
  • The Good News is I have my blog, so not all that I lost is completely lost.
  • The Bad News is even though the new laptop is covered, we will still have to buy the extended warranty for it which will run about $400. (I know we don’t HAVE to buy it, but this will be our second new laptop we’ve gotten now when our old one died – for us, it’s worth it.)
  • The Good News is we are leaving on vacation soon, so I won’t have to think about it for a while.

So, when we get back from vacation, we will have to go pick out a new laptop and spend a while getting it all set up to our liking again. (I feel like I should be excited about that part, but I’m really seeing it as more of a chore.). Ugh.

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