Still kickin’

Just a quick update so you know we are still around. We had an amazing (God is so Good!) vacation and just got back Saturday night. I did a quick load of laundry, repacked and headed down to Ohio with the kids the next morning. My long lost cousin from Texas was in town. We got back home this afternoon. Our house was decent before we left and now looks like it exploded. I am not feeling well and therefore, we postponed our marriage couseling meeting and the house will probably remain chaotic until tomorrow when hopefully I can get more laundry done, pick up the house, do a little grocery shopping and try to get back into a somewhat of a routine. Marc went and got our new laptop this afternoon. So hopefully in the next day or two, between work, church meetings and doctor appts, we can be officially back up and running with pictures and everything.

I will post more about vacation later. It really was great (don’t let this downer post fool you… I’m just not feeling great).

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