Vacation – Post I

We arrived at our cabin last Saturday and was very pleasantly surprised! It was on the water with it’s own dock and it was much less a cabin and much more a small house. Three bedrooms – one for my parents, one for Marc and myself and one with two twins for the boys. Totally ideal.

We even had a tub (which wasn’t expected at all). Now, we did not have water pressure and it was easier to fill a cup and dump it on you than take a shower, but since that’s was the only thing, I really can’t complain.

We ate great. There were five families, so each took meals and cleanup. We dined on things like enchiladas, grilled chicken, ham, pork, and eggs. We even held our 3rd or 4th annual rib-off while up there. The weather was amazing! Amazing-amazing. And our prayers were answered as far as mosquitoes, as well. They were present, don’t get me wrong, but they weren’t horrid.

We headed to a lighthouse one day named Seul Choix (pronounced Say Shwa – thanks Taryn). Andrew Myers Dykstra became an Official Junior Lighthouse Keeper. I also introduced the family to Dance, Dance, Revolution and I am kicking myself for not taking my pictures or video (although the family is rejoicing, I’m sure). We had a riot and dance-danced in the wee hours of the nights.

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