Vacation – Post II

The shoreline by our cabins were so shallow that I was able to let both kiddos run free without feeling like I needed to be right next to them. They had a ball. The shallowness also allowed the water to be fairly warm as well. The kids were swimming most day while us grown-ups waded around in it keeping an eye on the children and our tans. However, there was one occasion where Marc and I had a little throw down that resulted in both of us walking away completely soaked.

We took rides in Marc’s boat. AJ constantly asking to “Go fast!” Andrew got to do a little fishing with daddy. Daddy got to do a lot of fishing with Papa. We had access to a pontoon boat which was nice for after dinner strolls around the lake. The kids would each get a turn to be “Captain” and we would find the daddies out fishing and make them keep waving at us in order for us to stop yelling “Hi Dad!” at them. We also had access to a paddle boat. The boys got to go out a few times, but I only had one attempt at it. A miserable failed attempt. A borderline scary attempt. But we are all safe and sound and enough said.

One afternoon we headed into St. Ignace for something to do. We found a playground for the kids to pee play on. They got to throw rocks in Lake Huron. We found a boardwalk and another lighthouse to explore before heading back for dinner.

We really did enjoy ourselves despite this grumpy picture.

We ended one evening attempting to feed the deer. We saw quite a few, but none took us up on our offer.

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