Vacation Post – III

The closest thing I got to a group shot.

Friday, we packed up the entire gang and headed to the beach on Lake Michigan (to experience saltwater and see the whales). It was wonderful. Like I mentioned previously, we were blessed with amazing weather. We all splashed around and played in the sand a good portion of the afternoon. We headed back in to St. Ignace for a fish fry for dinner. There was also a car show going on while we were there. Andrew and AJ spotted Doc Hudson, Lizzy, Ramone, the Sheriff, etc…

The grownup boys took the big boys back to get in one last night of fishing, while us ladies and the little ones stayed to explore St. Ignace a bit more. A highlight of the week of when Lucy, the pretty princess of our bunch, came across the Queen and Princess of the car show. She was in princess heaven.

Saturday, we had to pack up and hit the road. The vacation was a fabulous. So great that we are signed up for next year already and I can’t wait. I’ll end the vacation wrap with some beach pictures and a crossword that was created on sands of Lake Michigan with the names of our whole troop.

A slideshow of Marc burying AJ in the sand.

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