Special Guest

We had a very special guest come to our home yesterday. A guest that we had been looking forward to and talking about for several days now. Around 11 am, Mrs. Doss, Andrew’s preschool teacher, paid him a visit. It was very exciting.

She brought him a few gifts, including a homework paper for him to complete (My name is, My favorite color is, etc…). He also received a box of crayons and his very own t-shirt that has the preschool name on it. He is supposed to wear it on field trip days.

She sat and talked to him for about 45 minutes and they talked about preschool and food and animals and cars. He showed him his CARS backpack and his favorite purple car. AJ however was desperate for a piece of her attention butting in to tell her HIS favorite color, car, animal, etc… whenever possible.

She really seemed great and Andrew is really looking forward to his school now more than ever. Of course, it helps that our neighbor boy behind us will also be in Andrew’s class and also received a visit from Mrs. Doss today. They boys rode their bikes together tonight and talked about the cool things she brought them.

It’s so hard to believe that my baby will be in preschool in a month.
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