Hooky from Housework.

Today was nice day. Our house was a mess when I woke up and it’s still a mess tonight. It can wait for tomorrow. Today I played hooky from housework. This morning, we got up and out early for grocery shopping. A very blessed shopping trip. Meijer, Aldi, and the bread thrift store and quiet a bounty with the resources spent. Thank you Lord.

We ate potato wedges (from the deli – my boys f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e!) and salami sandwiches (also from the deli) for lunch on paper plates (I told you I played hooky) and the boys took a nap. Oh, wait, I did do a slight clean up during naptime, but it was slight.

After a short nap time we headed across the neighborhood to some friends house. They have a 4yr old boy, Gabe, who will be in Andrew’s preschool class this fall. They invited us over to go swimming in their kiddie pool. The boys had a riot. AJ was hilarious, walking around on his hands, head barely out of the water. They played hard.

Then hubby called and asked, “Pretty, pretty, please. Can I go fishing on the Big Boat?” Well, being the incredibly nice wife that I am and knowing that I am getting all my clothes folded for me now, I agreed. That left me open for the night. My friend then invited us to stay for dinner. So we did. It was a really nice evening. The boys had a great time, I didn’t even have to cook, and we walked home in time for tubs and cookies before bed.

Tomorrow… cleaning is on the docket.

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