Keeping them up past their bedtimes.

We had a nice weekend. We headed to Ohio to visit family. We relaxed, hit the beach, played, ate, and just had a nice time. We got home Sunday evening with enough time to still feel like we had a bit of the weekend at home, yet.

Yesterday, I spent the day unpacking and working around the house. We decided to take a trip to Grand Haven in the evening. It was so nice and the weather was beautiful. We ate dinner outside while people watching. We saw the big boats. We walked the pier and saw the lighthouse. We kept the boys up way past their bedtimes. It was really nice.

This morning has just been running a few errands. I need to get back to picking up the house and folding clothes before I get too buried in them that I get overwhelmed. I think we are hitting the Gardens later this week one more time while the Great Lakes are still up and running. We are going with our neighbor and Andrew’s to-be-classmate, Gabe. Very exciting stuff.

Well, not a very exciting post, but I know it’s been a while since I posted anything. Here’s a few pictures to help make up for the last of content.

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