Swivel Me Sweet

I haven’t got to garage sale-ing all summer. So this morning, a Saturday where we are not only home, but we don’t have plans; I got to have a little me time. I got some coffee and I went to garage sales. It was a good day for them, too. I was able to just travel north and south on the main road that our road shoots off and hit quite a few.

I was able to get Andrew a couple really nice jeans for school (He’s four and wears sixes.), I got a few books for me to read and I also hit the jackpot by finding a Swivel Sweeper for TWO DOLLARS! It has all the parts and works like charm. Way excited. A friend and I have been coveting those since we saw the infomercial for them about a year ago.

One of the places where I got a couple books was the home of an elderly couple where the husband was an avid reader. The entire garage sale was books… mostly hardbacks in good shape. I picked a few out and we started chatting. He even recommended a few books and threw a few in for me to read without charging.
I noticed he had a few Louis L’amour books out. I told him my hubby was a big fan. He mentioned he had a whole slew in the house and if I brought him by he could check it out. So… guess where we went back to this afternoon. The guy ended up give Marc a deal for the whole lot. 48 books in all. Marc was thrilled and is currently next to me on the couch with “Last of the Breed” and I am reading to head to bed with a Barbara Kingsolver bestseller.
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