Live’n it up.

So technically this past week was not the last week of summer like it is for so many who are going back to school tomorrow. Andrew does not start preschool until mid month. However, many of the fun things of summer end come Labor Day, so we tried to sneak in as much as we could anyway. It was a dream week for the boys.

It started out last Monday with the dentist. Most people (including me) dread the dentist, but my Andrew gets spoiled with his pick of toothbrushes, and bubble-flavored toothpaste, special sunglasses, and prizes from the prize jar. Oh, and he get’s to play with their toys and watch cartoons while there. That evening, as I mentioned, we had a wonderful evening in Grand Haven, including dinner, ice cream, the pier, the lighthouse, and big boats.

Tuesday, his dad took him out to the local arcade/go-cart/putt-putt place. They way Marc described it, it was like crack for the kid. Andrew was so giddy and hyper, he was vibrating the whole time. He got to drive a go-cart himself, play putt, eat pizza and “pasketti“, play skiball, etc… He came home talking 90mph. I wasn’t sure if we would ever get him to bed that night.

Wednesday, we packed a lunch and met our neighbors at a nice school playground that obviously will be in use next week.

Thursday, we met took our other neighbors (and Andrew’s future classmate) to the Garden’s for the day. We were so blessed with amazing weather. It was cool in the morning, so we took our usual route backwards and save the water for the end. By then it was sunny and hot and wonderful.

Friday, we met some friends for the final day at the splashpark. It was so hot that the ice cold water felt great. I was even convinced to run through a few times and thoroughly get soaked. Of course, AJ preferred to stick to the sand most of the time (however, I have finally learned that sand in diaper = diaper rash something fierce. Pray for little man’s bottom.) We had those same friends over for a dinner of homemade pizza.

(For those with blog readers – there is a splashpark slideshow here)

Saturday, we had a little get together at our home. 20 in all including kiddos. We grilled and played lawn games, while the kiddos played.

Sunday, we went to church and had nice afternoon naps. Marc went fishing in the evening, so we went back to the Gardens for the last hour they were opened just to play in the Great Lakes one last time. On the way back, we saw the HOT DONUT sign lit up at Krispy Kreme, meaning they give you a free donut when you stop in. The boys LOVE watching the donuts being made, so we ate dessert first. We picked up a few dollar menu items and ate dinner at the airport observation area before coming home to finish the day with Herbie and popcorn.

Today, Marc is off work and we didn’t do much other than a little planning meeting get together over lunch for our 20-something Bible Study.

Looking back on this week, part of me thinks, “Ah, to be a kid again.” But then again, here I am, 30, and still having just as much fun as they are. Happy Labor Day.
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