Bye-Bye Battle over Breakfast

Every morning was the same thing. I would ask the boys what they wanted for breakfast, they would go to the pantry, open the door and stare at the options that were available. After turning down the several requests for the snack/junk food they saw, they would eventually choose something acceptable however, different. Every time. Breakfast with indecisive, yet hungry boys was a frustrating way to start the morning. So, using inspiration from a couple other sources, I came up with a breakfast game plan that we have been using now for three weeks and I think has been pretty successful.

  • Muffin Monday – I made a big batch of banana chocolate chip and froze them. I prefer nuts over chocolate chips, but I’m not a breakfast eater and if a few chocolate chips sneaks bananas and whole wheat into my boys, I’ll sacrifice. Muffins vs. bread makes it portable if necessary.
  • Toasty Tuesday – This has been thick slices of homemade toasted sourdough with butter and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. This is the easiest to make as the sourdough is usually on hand and surprisingly, for it’s simplicity, it’s one of the best.
  • Waffle Wednesday – Again, I made a large batch, flash froze them, and we just pop in the toaster. The boys eat them plain, so they make great on the go food.
  • Thinkin‘ Oatmeal Thursday – Baked oatmeal, cut, flash frozen and just nuked for a minute. My boys like it with peanut butter on top. If you can come with a better name please let me know. I’d like to keep oatmeal on Thursday, but need a better name.
  • Flapjack Friday – Same deal. Made a lot and froze. Nuke and eat. I make these small and again, my boys eat them plain, so they are portable.
  • Cereal Saturday and Cereal Sunday.

Did you notice how the portable foods fall on Monday, Wednesday & Friday? Hmm…. Andrew’s preschool is on MWF. Coincidence? Actually, kind of, but I like it. I would prefer to the boys be able to sit down and have a nice breakfast before we need to leave, but I also know reality happens and an occasional breakfast on the road is quite possible.

Now, instead of the boys whining and waiting and waffling in the morning over what they want to eat, they ask me what day it is and then run around celebrating whatever food it is they get to eat that morning.

If I can stay on top of the baking, we will all be set. My thoughts are, if I make enough of each item to last 4-5 breakfasts (ie: 4-5 weeks), and can get them spaced out just right, potentially, I am only making one large batch of breakfast item per week. Does that make any sense? It does in my head.

Now excuse me, I’ve got flapjacks to clean up. Have a great Friday.

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One Response to Bye-Bye Battle over Breakfast

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm gonna have to copy this…I feel like I'm stuffing waffles down my son's throat…it's getting old!Thanks…JODI LIEURANCE/SHORT

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