The countdown has begun…

We are officially counting down. The morning Andrew breaks the last circle off his sign, is the morning that he starts preschool. Can you tell it’s invaded this house? Just the thought of it sends Andrew into a tizzy.

Let me throw a little irony at ya. For the past 4+ years, ever since Andrew was born really, either he, or he and AJ, have gotten me up bright and early every morning. It was a rare day that I would get to sleep past 7-7:30am.

However, this past week, the week that was supposed to be our ‘preschool trial run’ week, meaning we would attempt to get us all up early, ready, fed, and out the door by 8:30am – is the week that the boys start letting me sleep in. In fact, they wake each other up, go downstairs, and start playing quietly by themselves. I have dreamt of this day!! (Insert chorus music here). It just happens to come at a time that I actually do need to be up and at ’em around 7-7:30am.

Ok, back to my preschooler. Yesterday, Andrew came upstairs to show us the airplane that he made. This may not impress you guys at all, and maybe his dad and myself are just biased, but check out this incredible airplane he made. This was made by a Four-Year-Old with no help!

Maybe he’ll want to build airplanes when he grows up or even fly them!? (Maybe I am projecting a bit, eh?) Anyway, he sticks to wanting to work at a bank like his Grandma did. He really, really wants to send the tube through the drive-through shoot and pass out suckers. If only that’s all there were to banking, buddy.
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